A sincere  “Servus” from Tyrol, the homeland of Innsbruck Airport Taxi – Gangl Transfers

You are one of more than a million passengers who land annually at Innsbruck Airport and need a taxi. And that’s exactly what we are: Your private Innsbruck Airport Taxi.

In order to determine if our service really meets your requirements, we should clarify a few questions together.

Before that, however, we would like to ask you for a big favor:

Enjoy your stay with us in Tyrol!

Innsbruck Airport Taxi Team Herbert Gangl

Herbert Gangl

founder of Gangl Taxi-Mietwagen GmbH.

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25 years Innsbruck Airport Taxi – Gangl Transfers

Since its establishment in 1992, our family business has specialized in transfers from Innsbruck Airport.

Innsbruck Airport Taxi Fuhrpark Carpool

Do you have high expectations?

Do you want to feel safe?
Do you like sitting comfortably?
Do you need room for your luggage?
Do rattling noises disturb you?
Do you care about cleanliness?

If your answers are YES, then our cars are the best choice.

Sicherheit im Innsbruck Airport Taxi

You place your safety in our hands.

In order to reduce traffic hazards to a minimum, we invest in our fleet every year. Learn what steps we take to avoid risks as far as possible.

We thank you for your trust.

Qualität Dienstleistung Taxi / quality of taxi service

What are your requirements to our service?

The quality of the service “taxi” is an important part of your holiday planing, which is however often not taken serious enough.

We have written an article on this subject for you. In our opinion, a company that calls itselfs Innsbruck Airport Taxi must be able to justifie such an assertion.

Taxi ist pünktlich

Your flight is on delay?

And you still expect us to be there when you arrive.

Do not worry! 25 years as Innsbruck Airport Taxi has taught us one thing: flexibility. It is the tool with which we organize our transfer dates.

We both have no influence on flight delays. Therefore no additional costs are incurred.

Innsbruck Airport Taxi FAQ

Answering questions means creating trust

On our FAQs page, you will find information on booking, payment and the process of your transfer. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us:

click on E-Mail and start typing

get us on the phone: (+43 650) 2000 999

 Transfers are our passion

Best regards Innsbruck Airport Taxi 

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