Your taxi is not here!


Yes, the possibility “your taxi is not here” actually exists if we crack the jackpot.

Until then we keep on dreaming. And at the same time we continue to be your reliable real Tyrolean Innsbruck Airport Taxi.

This does not mean that we are immune to the following problems:

  • there is a traffic jam
  • A driver suddenly gets sick
  • The vehicle reserved for you has an accident
  • A street is blocked for what ever reason
  • The flight of the previous customer was on delay (you do not mind, but for us this is a mega problem)
  • Plus a thousand more unfavorabilitys


How do we deal with this problem when you arrive at the airport?

  • We limit your waiting time to a maximum of half an hour
  • In any case, we will inform you about our problem
  • You will receive a call or an SMS with further information
  • We will organize a person who will welcome you and explain the situation
  • The coffee which you can enjoy during your waiting time is, of course, on our account!


How do we deal with this problem when it comes up to your transfer back to the airport?

We will move mountains out of the way so you do not miss your flight. After 25 years in business, we have a wide range of possibilities.

Conclusion on “Your taxi is not here”:

We are NOT there with the probability of a lottery jackpot.

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