We try to provide answers to your particular transfer FAQs

Booking – what is required?

Help us organizing an optimal transfer for you by giving us necessary information:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off: Date – on which day do you arrive?
  • Time – when is the exact scheduled arriving time of your flight or your train?
  • Flight number – on which flight are you booked?
  • Train – where does your train come from, which train number?
  • Arrival Terminal – does not apply to Innsbruck Airport
  • Your name – for which name should the pick-up sign be issued?
  • Your telephone number – how can we get in touch with you if necessary?
  • Your mail address – to whom may we send our booking confirmation?
  • Your destination – Name and address of your accommodation
  • Number of adults – so that we can provide the right vehicle for you
  • Number and age of children – so that we can bring the right child seats along
  • Information about your luggage – do you have skis or snowboards with you?

Information about your return journey:

  • Date and time – when may we bring you back to the airport or train station
  • Departure time of your flight or train – so that we can plan the optimal pickup for you
I need a booking confirmation

Of course you need that.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking.

After you have sent your booking to us, all data you provide will be checked for completeness.

Afterwards, you will receive a written booking confirmation by e-mail within 12 hours.

How do I make changes on my booking?

Tell us about your new plans and we will adapt to them.

Changes are possible in principle up to 24 hours before the planned transfer. However, during the busy winter season, there may be short-term waiting times for your changed pick-up.

Please inform us about changes to your booked transfer as soon as possible by e-mail.

However, since our office is not occupied 24/7, we kindly ask you to give us a ring for very short-term changes.

Mail to: office@gangl-transfers.at

Use this number: (+43 650) 2000 999

Do we charge you for changing your booking?

You can change your transfer booking free of charge for:

  • Arrival or return date
  • Pick-up times at the airport or from the hotel
  • Number of people for the same vehicle type


The following changes affect the transfer price:

  • You booked a car and now you need a minivan (or vice versa)
  • You change the booked destination

In these cases, we adjust the price for the originally booked transfer to the new situation. This means, the price can be more or also less.

Cancellation – what we charge

We regret and accept the cancellation of your transfer

But even in case of cancellation, fairness is self-evident.


Cancelation free of charge:

Up to 24 hours before your transfer actually takes place, you can cancel without any reason. Please send us an e-mail, a text message or call us.

Nevertheless, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible. The sooner we know about your cancellation, the bigger are our chances to win another customer in your place.


Cancellation is not free of charge:

Your cancellation is so shortly before the transfer that our vehicle is already on the way to your pick up location. Then the following fees are charged:

€ 2,00 per kilometer already traveled

Are there any safety instructions?

The following safety instructions help all of us to minimize any kind of risks on the way to your destination.

Child seats:

In Austria it is obligatory to transport children on proper child seats according to the age of the child. The law sees responsibility for this with the driver.

Please let us know the number and age of your children when booking. We are happy to provide child seats free of charge.


Seatbelt requirement:

All passengers, even in the back row of the car, must remain fully buckled up during the entire ride.


Alcohol and smoking ban:

As concession holders of a rental car concession, our vehicles are regarded as public transportation. The consumption of alcohol and smoking is therefore not permitted in our cars.


How do I find my driver?

We guarantee that you will find him or her in good condition.

At Innsbruck airport:

Proceed to the arrival hall after the baggage claim. Your driver will be waiting with a smile and a sign with your name on it.

At Innsbruck train station:

Walk from the platform towards underground car park. On the right there is a supermarket marked “M-Preis”. Your driver will be waiting for you. Of course also smiling and also with a sign with your name on it.

How long will the driver wait upon my arrival?

We know that you need time after your landing

Your driver will definitely wait until the aircraft you have arrived with has been completely cleared and no more passengers are still in the baggage claim area.

After 25 years of airport transfers, we can estimate how long it takes for your luggage to arrive.

However, if you have problems with the luggage or if there are other delays, then we ask you to call us immediately and give us information about what happened.

In this case, your driver will definitely be waiting for you until you can start your transfer.

Use this number (+43 650) 2000 999

Flight delayed – what must I do?

We both are not thrilled in reading the words flight delayed.

Since we have made sure to know your flight number, we are able to monitor your flight and get your actual arrival time. Therefor we can respond to a possible flight delay.

Any additional information you can give us by phone, are helpful and appreciated:

Use this number: (+43 650) 2000 999

We will customize our transfer planning as much as possible to your new arrival time. We cannot completely rule out waiting times for you during the winter season.

Needless to say, there are no additional costs for a flight delay.

You can find all contact details here.

Flight diversion – Bus transfer – what must I do?

If the unpleasant words “flight diversion or bus transfer” show up on the info panel for your departing airport, please inform us by telephone or text message immediately:

Use this number: (+43 650) 2000 999.

We cannot track coaches by GPS. We therefore depend on your information regarding your arrival time. Of course, we will take care of your pick up in such a case.

There are no additional costs in case of flight diverson. 

You can find information to our contact details here.

How long will can the driver wait for my departure at the hotel?

We definitely have arranged a pickup time because our strict organization does not leave much room.Taxi Wartezeit

During the winter season, our transfer dates are organized very tightly. We place high priority on picking you up from your hotel on time. To guarantee this quality to all our passengers, a very punctual departure from the hotel is necessary.

We kindly ask you not to let our drivers wait and to meet the agreed time. Remember that a delayed pickup causes a chain reaction.

In other words, we cannot wait at all.

What is included in the Innsbruck Airport Taxi Transfer price?

To keep you from bad surprises, we will tell you what is included in the price

You pay a fixed transfer price without hidden additional costs.

There are no bad surprises when you pay your transfer price. Our prices are fully transparent and include all applicable costs and charges such as:

  • Parking fees apply
  • road tolls
  • Children’s seats
  • Luggage

Tip? No.

It is not included.

But don’t bother, our drivers are anyway happy to drive with you. It’s completely up to you to make them even more happy.

How do I pay?

To settle your transfer, we offer you two payment options:

Innsbruck Airport Taxi how do I pay


1.) cash after transfer

We kindly ask you to settle the agreed transfer price in cash with the driver.


2.) advance payment by invoice

On request, we will be happy to provide you with an invoice, which can be payed no later than three days before the transfer.

In the event of a cancellation, the amount will be returned to you immediately.


Why is there no way to pay by credit card?

We try to make our prices as cheap as possible. Avoiding credit card comission helps us in this case. We see this as an advantage for both of us.

Your taxi is not here!

Yes, the possibility “your taxi is not here” actually exists if we crack the jackpot.

Until then we keep on dreaming. And at the same time we continue to be your reliable real Tyrolean Innsbruck Airport Taxi.

This does not mean that we are immune to the following problems:

  • there is a traffic jam
  • A driver suddenly gets sick
  • The vehicle reserved for you has an accident
  • A street is blocked for what ever reason
  • The flight of the previous customer was on delay (you do not mind, but for us this is a mega problem)
  • Plus a thousand more unfavorabilitys


How do we deal with this problem when you arrive at the airport?

  • We limit your waiting time to a maximum of half an hour
  • In any case, we will inform you about our problem
  • You will receive a call or an SMS with further information
  • We will organize a person who will welcome you and explain the situation
  • The coffee which you can enjoy during your waiting time is, of course, on our account!


How do we deal with this problem when it comes up to your transfer back to the airport?

We will move mountains out of the way so you do not miss your flight. After 25 years in business, we have a wide range of possibilities.

Conclusion on “Your taxi is not here”:

We are NOT there with the probability of a lottery jackpot.

There might be some more questions left like:

  • Do you need general information about your destination?
  • You wish us to recommend a hotel?
  • Not sure about the best time for a pick up for your return transfer?
  • Would you like to know in which ski resort families with children are most welcome?
  • Want to know if there is a supermarket close to your accommodation?

… OK, you might have some more ideas …

Feel free to ask!

We are located in Tyrol and we are true Tyroleans. We know our small country in the heart of the Alps (perhaps even better than Google 🙂

And we do not want to leave any FAQs about your transfer unanswered. Get in touch with us here.

Helping you? We love it!

Your helpful Innsbruck Airport Taxi 

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