On our carpool page we explain what is important to us in concerning our vehicles.

If you believe that the page Innsbruck Airport Carpool is quite unnecessary, because its contents are self-evident preconditions, then we completely agree to you.
If, however, you are surprised about one or the other statement, it may be because you have not chosen the optimal taxi in the past. It’s learning by doing. From now on, you are in good hands. 

Innsbruck Airport Taxi Mercedes

Mercedes Vito

the comfortable ones

Innsbruck Airport Taxi Minivan

 VW Caravelle

the spacious ones

Innsbruck Airport Taxi

 VW Sharan

the cozy ones


Comfortable and spacious

As drivers, we place great emphasis on best possible driving comfort.

We also want you as our passengers to feel the same way. 25 years of driving experience has shown us that comfortable vehicles with generous space are an important factor for smooth traveling.

Klimaanlage für alle Fahrgäste

You determine your individual room temperature

Our vehicles are equipped with additional air conditioning systems for each row of seats. This allows each passenger to customize a comfortable room temperature.

Cleanliness is a matter of course

Cleanliness in our vehicles is our top priority. Our quality criteria are only reached when you as our passenger have the feeling that you are the first person to enter our vehicle.

Safety in the taxi

We have dedicated an extra site and menu point to this most important topic. 

On our security page, we explain the steps we have taken to reduce the risks on the road to a minimum.

Transfers are our passion

Sincerely your Innsbruck Airport Taxi 

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