Quality of taxi service

The quality of taxi service is an important part of the holiday planning, which is often not considered enough.


… Your holiday is booked. You have thought of almost everything: Flight and hotel are confirmed. The ski rental has reserved your desired type of skis for you. The ski passes are available on arrival at the hotel reception. Now you are ready to go – or is there still something missing?

… on arrival at the hotel reception …

… Hmmm, now you frown. You selected your hotel carefully. From your room you have a wonderful view of Tyrol’s deep snowy mountain peaks. However, the distance between this room and Innsbruck Airport is more than 100 km.

… what’s left to do: quickly book (any kind of) taxi …

Is this how you want to start your holiday after preparing everything else carefully?

You have clearly defined the quality requirements for your skiing holiday and went through dozens of customer reviews about your hotel, slopes, restaurants and much more before you clicked on the book-button.

The airport transfer is the beginning and the end of your skiing holiday in Tyrol or South Tyrol and therefore an essential part of your stay.

What are your demands on the quality service taxi?

It must definitely be cheap! And then there are still a few little things that should not be missing …

The quality of taxi service: the office:

  • Instant response to your request – you do not want to wait for days for an answer
  • English communication – you just do not speak German
  • Error-free handling of your booking – your dates must be adhered to
  • Reliable and punctual – no matter how much delay your flight has, you expect your taxi to be there whenever you arrive

The quality of taxi service: the vehicles:

  • As good as new – rattling noises disturb you
  • Comfortable – you do not want to get off with stiff limbs
  • Spacious – your luggage is in the trunk, not on your lap
  • Clean – what happened before you entered the car, you just don’t want to know that
  • In technically perfect condition – you do not want to discuss about that at all
  • Powerful – you want to be taken up the mountains

The qualification of the driver:

  • He or she has local knowledge – You didn’t book a sightseeing tour you want to be taken to your hotel directly
  • Experienced – you assume that the driver knows what he or she is doing
  • Friendly, helpful – you are a guest and want to be welcomed as such
  • Communicative – You have a lot of questions about country and people, culture or your holiday destination and you are disappointed if your driver just shakes his head and shrugs.
  • Responsible – you expect the utmost care in road traffic

It seems like you are looking for a taxi with quality, safety and experience?

You’ve got it!

Innsbruck Airport Taxi – the true Tyrolean with a sense of responsibility!

Tirol logo

Nutzungsrecht lt. Lizenzvereinbarung mit Tirol Werbung User Licence from "Tirol Werbung" 15.12.2014

The protected brand “Tirol” and thus also the Tirol Logo stand for the highest quality in all sectors of tourism. It is no wonder that more and more companies, especially taxis and transfer companies, are integrating the logo into their online media, thereby writing to their own flag the high standard which is inextricably linked to the Tirol brand.

Our company owns a promotional license agreement for the use of the Tirol logo.

This license has been issued by Tirol Werbung GmbH. This ensures that our company is actually a Tyrolean company that fulfills the quality criteria, ideology and tradition with which the Tirol brand is identified.

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