The issue of safety in the taxi and thus the issue of safety on the road is of major importance to us.

You place your safety in our hands.

Thank you for your confidence!

At the moment you enter one of our vehicles, you place your safety and that of your family in the hands of our driver. We would like to thank you for this trust.

On this page, we want to tell you about our efforts to minimize road hazards. We have already explained to you in our FAQs that it is a great concern for us to be reliable and punctual for you. On our vehicle page, you’ll find out what we do to make your transfer as comfortable as possible, etc.

But priority ONE is your safety in the taxi.

The topic Safety in taxis is under-considered. With this contribution we want to change that.

Some security precautions, which you see below, may be trifles. But they also contribute their part to avoiding accidents. You have given us a trust. Read how we do justice to it:

snow chains for your safety

Schneeketten montieren

Snow chains guarantee safety when driving downhill

When we try to convey authenticity on our website, we fail at this point. At the moment when it is necessary to put on snow chains, no one smiles.

However, since the positive effect of an all-wheel drive on downhill runs on a snow-capped road adversely affects the safety. For you and your fellow travelers, we gladly accept cold fingertips for your safety in the taxi.

In any case, we observe all legally prescribed chain duties !!!

We pay attention to full antifreeze tanks.

Antifreeze liquid for a clear windscreen

A clear view is the most important criterion for safe driving in cold weather, snowfall and darkness. The antifreeze tanks of our vehicles are refilled daily.

It’s a little thing, but it has a big influence on safety in our taxi.

4 x 4-wheel drive

Safety in the Taxi with all-wheel drive
Safety in the Taxi with all-wheel drive

All-wheel drive technology

All our vehicles are equipped with an all-wheel drive technology. In contrast to a front or rear-operated vehicle, all four wheels are simultaneously driven by the engine and electronically controlled. This causes the front wheels to pull and the rear wheels to push at the same time. The rotation of a wheel is thus prevented.

Mountain roads can therefore also be managed with a high degree of safety even in the case of a snow-capped road.

No tired drivers

Safety in the taxi - drivers have resting periods
Safety in the taxi - drivers have resting periods

Resting periods for our drivers

Another important factor for your safety in our taxi is the scheduling of our tours. We always ensure that our drivers have enough time to rest and relax.

In addition, the organization of the tours ensures that there are no stress situations for our drivers, which can lead to fatigue.

NO GO!!!

Safety in the taxi with hands-free kits
Safety in the taxi with hands-free kits

No words for this

We reject what you see on this picture entirely!

Making phone calls holding the phone to the ear is not compatible with safety in the taxi – well not in any car.

All vehicles are equipped with hands-free kits. During a trip with you we reduce our calls to the minimum that is necessary just to keep business running.

High quality winter tires

safety in the taxi with quality winter tires
safety in the taxi with quality winter tires

They are legally required in Austria

One millimeter can decide between good and bad. We take this serious.

At this point on the subject of safety in the taxi, huge differences in quality are also to be considered. The annual equipment of our vehicle with new winter tires has its price. But whoever buys –  cheap buys expensive.

We only use branded tires recommended by our vehicle manufacturers.

Brakes must work

Safety in the taxi with new brakes
Safety in the taxi with new brakes

We change them annually

On our Tyrolean mountain roads, brakes are charged to the limit. Therefore, wear and tear is extremely large.

The changing of our vehicle brakes is a costly business every year. We assume, however, that you fully agree with us:

At this point a taxi saves at the wrong spot.

This is obligatory

Buckle up it's obligatory
Buckle up it's obligatory

Buckle up it is law

Please note that in Austria all passengers MUST fasten seatbelts. Also those who sit in the back seats.

There is no exception to this. Please always put on your seatbelts. It’s for your own safty in the taxi.

Sicherheit im Taxi - Kindersitze
Sicherheit im Taxi - Kindersitze

Child seats

All children under 14 years and smaller than 1,50 m must sit on an appropriate child seat.

Innsbruck Airport Taxi provides child seats free of charge.

Safety in the taxi is highest priority

 Your responsible Innsbruck Airport Taxi

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