Safety in a taxi with 4-wheel drive

On Tyrol’s roads a taxi with 4-wheel drive technique equipped vehicles has a clear advantage and it improves the safety.

During the winter months, the mountain roads leading to the ski resorts are often covered with snow and ice and heavy snowfall can quickly become an insurmountable obstacle for rear- or front-powered vehicles.

In a vehicle or cab with 4-wheel drive all four wheels are uniformly and simultaneously driven by the engine, a “spin” of individual wheels is prevented.

The history of 4-wheel drive

You wouldn’t believe that the origin of 4-wheel drive vehicles goes back to the year 1827.

John Hill constructed a steam-driven transport wagon with rear-wheel drive. With one at that time still unusual prop shaft an additional front axle could be switched on, but due to many technical problems, this technique could not prevail.

In 1895 to 1906, the 4-wheel drive vehicles and their technical developments experience up and downs with more or less success. From 1907 the German police used a 4-wheel drive vehicle from Daimler Engines in the former German colony of South West Africa witch was not only driven on all four wheels, but also directed over all wheels.

The 4-wheel drive in the early 20th Century


Already in 1915 Renault produced good developed systems for tractors and in 1935 the company Büssing presented the first truck operating with the new technology. 1940 followed the prototype of an all-terrain vehicle with 4-wheel drive. It was constructed for military purposes which went into serial production a year later under the name of “Willy” used by the US army. At the same time civilian variant named Jeep CJ-2A appeared on the market.

Permanent 4-wheel drive in the 60s.

In 1966 mass production of road vehicles with permanent 4-wheel drive started and culminated in 1980 with Audi’s presentation of the first Quattro.

Safety in a taxi with 4-wheel drive

Today our car pool exclusively consists of 4-wheel drive vehicles. This guaranties our passengers safety on all snow covered mountain roads and at the same time our driver team enjoys the technical innovation, because steering a taxi with 4-wheel drive is an important prerequisite for safe and trouble-free working as driver.

Once Upon a time…


A story from the days when our tires where still spinning

The village of Sellrain in Sellraintal consists of numerous hamlets which are settled on elevations up to 1,300 meters above sea level. It can only be reached on one lane steep mountain roads.

Shortly after the founding of our Tyrolean family business in 1996 we received the offer to be the daily school bus for Sellrain’s community children. Our fleet then consisted of a number of minivans without 4-wheel drive. Out of inexperience we deemed the spacious vehicles as suited to this task.

We were taught better at first light snowfall in that late autumn. Even with chains on all four wheels our minivans could barley manage the steep mountain roads. And failed completely on some snowy winter days.

Stress and strain on the driver

Snowfall makes the heart of every skier miss a beat. But for our school bus drivers the white splendor was an impossible hurdle. Sleepless nights and extreme psychological pressure brought our team to the limits of endurance.

After the first few weeks of winter we had to realize that our vehicles did not meet the requirements for driving on snowy mountain roads.  Despite of the costs we replace them immediately.

Our vehicles today

Accident-free driving for 25 years is the result of our investment in a powerful carpool. The driver team can do a relaxed job with peace of mind and our school bus children and passengers have a guarantee for a safe arrival at their destination.

There are many different vehicles with 4-wheel drive technology. They all have one thing in common: they provide more safety on our roads.

We are proud of owning a fleet with this technology.

Snow is fun, but getting stuck …?

 … probably not!

Your Innsbruck Airport Taxi with cars with 4 x 4 wheel drive technology.

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