Ihr Transfer Innsbruck Hintertux:

Entfernung ca. 94 km, Fahrzeit ca. 01:30.

PKW: 4 Fahrgäste ohne Ski oder 3 Fahrgäste mit Ski. Minivan: bis zu 8 Fahrgäste.

PKW Hinfahrt: € 152,–


PKW hin & retour: € 304,–


Minivan Hinfahrt: € 170,–


Minivan hin & retour: € 340,–


Transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier

Our transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier brings us to the only ski resort in Austria, offering skiing fun 365 days a year.Transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier

Although we do not even need to travel 100 km on our transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier, the journey takes us 1h 30min. The reason for this is the long drive to the end of the Zillertal Valley.

Hintertux is the starting point for 365 days of skiing fun

The tiny village with only 178 inhabitants is surrounded by mountains and glaciers and consists of hotels, inns and farmers houses. It is also interesting that Hintertux is home to various healing springs. Thus, the place can be described as the highest thermal spa in Europe.

In addition, the “Spannagelhöhle” (Spannagel Cave)  is very close. It is the largest natural cave of the Central Alps with more than 10 km of length and is unter nature protection. Accompanied by a mountain guide, the cave can also be visited.

Other starting points for visiting the glacier are the villages of Tux and Lanersbach. In addition to our transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier, we also offer trips to these destinations.

Ski resort Hintertux Glacier / Zillertal 3000

The only all-year ski resort has a variety of lifts and is the starting point for skiers as well as for hikes and alpine tours. If you want to escape the heat of July, unpack your skis and enjoy a skiing day in the cool glacier air.

In autumn, long before the other ski resorts celebrate their openings, winter season on the glacier is fully running.  The 12 km-long snow-covered valley run „Schwarze Pfanne“ is the absolute highlight.

On our transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier we offer the free transport of your skis all year round.

More snow and more view

The Hintertux Glacier offers superlatives in every respect. Apart from the fact that the ski lifts are open all year round, the grand view is always worth a visit. On clear days you can see the summits of the Dolomites in the south and the view to the north reaches as far as the Zugspitze at the border to Germany.

The new Spannagelhaus restaurant at 2.530 m above sea level

It was rebuilt in 2013 and the Spannagelhaus now shines with new rustic charm. Visiting the Spannagelhaus is an extraordinary experience. It has a service restaurant, a bar area with an open fireplace, lounges and a large sun terrace with a fabulous panoramic view. Enjoy regional delicacies, but also international cuisine is prepared for you here. To round off the whole, treat yourself to a good glass of wine.

Betterpark Hintertux – insider tip for snowboarders

Because of its high altitude, it is ahead of the rest of the snowparks. No other park can offer such opening hours to snowboarders:

  • In spring: until end of May
  • In autumn: already from September – the earliest Snowpark – opening of Europe!

“Almabtrieb” in autumn bringing cattle back to the cowsheds

The “Almabtrieb” in Hintertux has always had a special significance for the locals. In the month of September, when there is no more grass on the high mountain pastures, it is time to bring the cattle back down to the valley. This event is solemnly celebrated by decorating the cows with festive little flower bushes and bells. In order to celebrate the healthy return of the animals, a big festival takes place in Hintertux on the day of the descent.

The colorful festival is an unforgettable experience, especially for families with children. Please do not forget to announce the age of your children on your Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier transfer. We take care that we bring suitable child seats along.

In addition to our transfer Innsbruck Hintertux we also offer transfers to all the other destinations in the area and within the Zillertal:

Transfer Innsbruck Hintertux Glacier

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