Ihr Transfer Innsbruck Lech:

Entfernung ca. 115 km, Fahrzeit ca. 01.25.

PKW: 4 Fahrgäste ohne Ski oder 3 Fahrgäste mit Ski. Minivan: bis zu 8 Fahrgäste.

PKW Hinfahrt: € 175,–


PKW hin & retour: € 350,–


Minivan Hinfahrt: € 190,–


Minivan hin & retour: € 380,–


Transfer Innsbruck Lech am Arlberg

Make a journey across the Flexen pass on your transfer Innsbruck Lech am Arlberg

Our Transfer Innsbruck Lech am Arlberg takes you to an anciant mountain village. Over 600 years ago the Walser farmers fought against the ruthless living conditions in Lech am Arlberg, especially in the winter months. Between the mid-18th century and the first quarter of the 19th century the population of Lech fluctuated between 300 and 400 inhabitants. The barren fields could not feed more people. During summertime, the young boys were sent to work abroad in Germany and Switzerland just to save food for the rest of the family.

Today Lech has around 1,800 inhabitants and records together with the village of Zürs over 8,000 guest beds and more than 1 million overnight stays per year. The majority arrives by plane at Innsbruck Airport and subsequently takes a taxi to Lech.

Passing the Flexen Pass Gallery on our transfer Innsbruck Lech am Arlberg

After an hour of driving on the Inntal motorway heading west you will arrive in St. Anton. Soon a blue LED panel appears with the warning words „snow chains obligation, except 4- wheel- drive vehicles“.  From now on it’s all uphill. Ahead of you is the Arlberg mountain pass and the Flexen Pass road.

Arrival in Lech, the mountain village to relax
Tyrol is the land in the heart of the Alps with numerous ski resorts. But Lech has a very special appeal.

The people who live in Lech exude an extraordinary charisma. They have managed to find a balance between modernity and tradition. The deep roots with their rough habitat have shaped them for centuries. A visitor will not feel the bitter cold of a winter night in Lech. The hospitality and warmth of Lech’s hosts melt the ice.

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Transfer Innsbruck Lech am Arlberg

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