Ihr Transfer Innsbruck Maurach:

Entfernung ca. 41 km, Fahrzeit ca. 00:45.

PKW: 4 Fahrgäste ohne Ski oder 3 Fahrgäste mit Ski. Minivan: bis zu 8 Fahrgäste.

PKW Hinfahrt: € 90,–


PKW hin & retour: € 180,–


Minivan Hinfahrt: € 110,–


Minivan hin & retour: € 220,–


Transfer Innsbruck Maurach am AchenseeTransfer Maurach am Achensee

Our transfer Innsbruck Maurach am Achensee will take you to your destination in about 40 minutes. Maurach belongs to the municipality of Eben am Achensee with 3.168 inhabitants and is located in the Achental (Achen Valley). It is the touristical center on the south side of Lake. In the middle of the 19th century, tourism started because the valley and its lake was mentioned in the literature of Adolf Pichler as well as Hermann von Gilm to Rosenegg. Maurach is located on the shores of the Achensee and is a paradise for surfers and sailors. The 133 m deep lake is a challenge for swimmers because it will not be warmer than 20 degrees even during hot summer month.

The region around the Achensee, to which we have brought you with our transfer Innsbruck Maurach am Achensee, differs from the busy ski resorts through peace and the beautiful nature. The days are cosy and enjoyable there, and a typical Tyrolean evening can be enjoyed with exquisite food and drinks, music, entertainment and concerts.

Achenseebahn – Achensee Train

In 1889 the Achenseebahn was opened between Jenbach and the Haus Seespitz. Originally it was used for commercial purposes, today the steam engine drives in the summer months as a tourist train with the stops Burgeck, Eben, Maurach and Seespitz. The oldest steam-powered cogwheel train in Europe whistles while climbing the steep mountain trail with a slope of 16 percent up to the largest mountain lake in Tyrol. The ride in the open wagon offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountain panorama. Last stop is Seespitz and from there you can change directly to one of the Achensee ships and take a short cruise over the largest lake of Tyrol back to Maurach.

Rofan cable car Maurach

The Rofan cable car takes five minutes to bring the skiers from Maurach on the south bank of the Achensee into the Rofan Mountains. The highest point in the small ski resort Rofan is the top station on 1.840 m above sea level. Experienced mountaineers can start ski tours into the beautiful mountains. Skiers and snowboarders will find groomed pistes of all levels of difficulty, and beginners will find easy training areas.

Skyglider AirRofan & Adlerhorst

A special experience is offered by the Skyglider AirRofan, which will take you from 2,038 m altitude to the valley. The aircraft is modeled after an eagle and reaches up to 80 km/h. This flight is not for the faint of heart, but do not worry, by the good safety you can enjoy every second of the flight. At the Gschöllkopf there is not only the departure point, but also a scenic view platform with a wonderful panorama view over the Karwendelgebirge.

In addition to our transfer Innsbruck Maurach am Achensee, we also offer transfers to the surrounding towns.


Transfer Innsbruck Maurach am Achensee

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