Vigo di Fassa

Ihr Transfer Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa:

Entfernung ca. 144 km, Fahrzeit ca. 01:45.

PKW: 4 Fahrgäste ohne Ski oder 3 Fahrgäste mit Ski. Minivan: bis zu 8 Fahrgäste.

PKW Hinfahrt: € 245,–


PKW hin & retour: € 490,–


Minivan Hinfahrt: € 260,–


Minivan hin & retour: € 520,–


Transfer Innsbruck Vigo di FassaTransfer Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa

Our transfer Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa takes 1h 45min on a distance of almost 150 km. The small village is located in the Val di Fassa (Fassa Valley), a Ladin-speaking area in the Dolomites. The fantastic location of the village on a wide plateau at the foot of the Rosengarten (Dolomite mountain range) allows a breath taking panorama view of the surrounding mountains. For example, you have an unaffected view of the Cima Undici (Elferspitze) and the Cima Dodici (Zwölferspitze) to the Marmolada and the Sellagruppe.

Vigo di Fassa – in the kingdom of King Laurin

The location of the place right at the foot of the Rosengartengruppe, one of the impressive Dolomites peaks invites you to look at the mythology of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The dwarf king Laurin himself is said to have lived in the famous mid-high German hero epos from the 13th century within a beautiful garden of roses. The King was betrayed by the rose garden; therefore, he had cast it with a magic spell: „No man should ever see his roses – neither by day nor by night!“ However, the king had forgotten the dawn, and so you can still see the red glow of the roses of the rose garden. This is how the mystic read colour of the mountain range during sunset is explained.

Skiing in Vigo di Fassa – Catinaccio

The Ciampedie cable car takes you directly to the heart of the ski resort, Ciampedìe, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. It is a natural terrace, which offers a fantastic panorama view of the surrounding famous summits of the Dolomites (Sellamasiv, Langkofel, Rosengarten, Vajolet towers).

Here the skier awaits a small ski paradise on 13 km of perfectly groomed slopes! Families with children as well as beginners make the first turns in the snow gladly on the pleasant and extensive slopes of the ski resort. In the Vigo di Fassa ski school, all courses are offered for small and big future ski heroes, and children can enjoy the children’s playground Ciampedie with professional support – even without skis. Please do not forget to mention the age of your children when booking your transfer Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa. We provide the suitable children’s seats free of charge.

In addition, experienced and more demanding skiers will get their money’s worth in the ski area. Among other things, the mid-difficult „Thöni“ ski run, which is dedicated to a former South Tyrolean skier, brings the skier from the high plateau down into the valley.

Especially for experienced winter sportsmen, the demanding black downhill „Tomba“, named after the former ski runner Alberto Tomba, who has trained on the same piste and has long been the advertising face of the Val di Fassa is spectacular.

Thanks to modern artificial snowmaking equipment, the ski resort of Vigo di Fassa – Catinaccio is a snow safe. If you bring your own skis along on your Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa transfer, this is no problem. All our vehicles offer enough space.

Hiking paradise Vigo di Fassa

The location is an ideal starting point for numerous hikes and climbing tours of all levels of difficulty. Special themed trails bring nature lovers closer to the world of the herbs, fauna and flora of the Rosengarten area.Mounaineers from all over the world use this variety for extensive tours and cyclists love the whole Fassa Valle. Thus, a mountain bike tour on the Ciampedìe is perfect.

Numerous huts offer the possibility to stop and spend the night, so it is not surprising that Vigo di Fassa is a popular hiking paradise in the summer – it is suitable for families with children as well as for experienced climbers.

Moreover, who knows, maybe you can see the reddish glow of the flowering roses from King Laurins-Garten at a rest on a rustic mountain hut at dusk.

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Transfer Innsbruck Vigo di Fassa

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